To Be Presented in the 11th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
December 12-16, 2006, Hong Kong SAR, China

Integration of Graphing Calculators into the
Pre-university Mathematics Curriculum

Wee Leng NG
National Institute of Education
Nanyang Technological University


In Singapore the use of graphing calculators without a built-in computer algebra system in public examinations was first permitted in the year 2002 for Further Mathematics, a subject offered at the pre-university level. Following the inception in 2006 of the revised mathematics syllabus and curriculum, not only is the use of graphing calculators incorporated in assessment for all pre-university level mathematics subjects, all main stream schools offering mathematics subjects at the pre-university level are now expected to fully integrate the graphing calculator into the mathematics classroom. As a result, teachers in these schools are required to be proficient in utilising the graphing calculator and adept at facilitating studentsˇ¦ usage of the graphing calculator so as to meet the new assessment requirements. This paper delineates the rationale for the integration of the graphing calculator into the new curriculum and discusses the impact of the graphing calculator on the Further Mathematics curriculum. Issues pertaining to professional development and training of teachers in mastering the use of a graphing calculator and the impact of the graphing calculator on assessment in the new curriculum are also discussed.

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