Tutorial To Be Presented in the 11th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
December 12-16, 2006, Hong Kong SAR, China

To Experience Firsthand with SSP

Chuanbuo Zuo
Jingzhong Zhang
Guangzhou University


In this hands-on workshop, we will explore the following topics: (1) Dynamic Geometry Use the pen-style of SSP(Super-SketchPad) to draw usual geometry graph. (2) Animation, Trace and Locus Construct the selected object's animate button. Get the objects' trace when dragged or animated. Construct the selected object's locus as the selected objects move along the defined path. (3) Graph Transform Translate the given objects by the marked vector. Rotate the given objects through the marked centre, by the marked angle. (4) Draw function curves with parameters Plot the curves of a function which can include parameters. Plot the graph of a conic equation. (5) Symbolic Algebra and Program Environment Plus, minus, multiplication and power of large integers. If-clause, recurrence, function defined by yourself. (6) Geometry Proving and Evaluation (7) Others.

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