Presented in the 11th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
December 12-16, 2006, Hong Kong SAR, China

A Design of Computer Environment that Fosters Mathematical Thinking by Squeak

Aiko Ichikawa
Tokyo University of Science


Squeak is an Object-Oriented programming developing tool. Programming is generally difficult, but programming by Squeak is not. Unlike other programming language (C++ or JAVA etc.), programmer of Squeak doesn't have to learn the grammar or how to write the scripts. So, even a beginner can make their works easily. It looks like 'flash', but it is easier than that. Squeak user can program intuitively and are stimulated their mathematical thinking. Some elementary or junior high schools in Japan use Squeak in mathematics or other classes. By the way, teachers are more expected to use computer in the class. But, unless a certain skills of computer, they cannot use it effectively, on the contrary, they cannot teach what they really want to. There are many great tools for learning, but those are usually expensive to bring in the class and limited their purpose. The tools which are hoped in the next education with computer have potential of application to various study scenes with low cost. Viewed in this point, Squeak is a suitable tool. I'm studying how to use Squeak with which teacher who is unfamiliar with computer can teach in the mathematical class, or by which he can make his original teaching materials. Now, I'm developing the Squeak curriculum to learn the following skills for teachers.

  1. to master the basically use of Squeak
  2. to make programs
  3. to apply the programs into teaching materials
  4. to use practically in the class
In the poster, I'll give a presentation of a part of my study.

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