To Be Presented in the 11th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
December 12-16, 2006, Hong Kong SAR, China

The Integration Of the Scientific Calculator (CASIO fx-82ES) with Mathematics Education

Jiyan Wang
East China Normal University


In 1999 the scientific calculators began to enter mathematics classrooms. Next year (2000) the scientific calculators were allowed to be taken into the university entrance examination in the first time. From that time it has seven years to use the scientific calculators for the mathematics education and examination and all had good results. Now some high schools are doing special experiment on the graphics calculators. And after some years the graphics calculators maybe allowed into the examination. All of these have brought some thinking: What influence to mathematics teaching? What influence to students' mathematics abilities? What influence to mathematics examination? We can get some answers from seven years experience of the scientific calculators on Shanghai. Almost all teachers and students have considered the scientific calculators, especially CASIO fx-82ES, is a useful and valid tool. CASIO fx-82ES has become the powerful assistant for teachers to teach mathematics and students to learn mathematics and do mathematics, the tools for students to understand mathematical concepts and to explore mathematical problems. In many mathematic textbooks, there are some contents of CASIO fx-82ES. They teach students to do some operations of numbers, to solve some equations, some inequalities and some statistic problems. In the important examinations of many places, CASIO fx-82ES is allowed to solve some problems and to explore some opened questions for students. In other words, the scientific calculators, especially CASIO fx-82ES, have been so fond of by more and more students. We believe the scientific calculators, include CASIO fx-82ES, must be absolutely necessary assistant in mathematics education.

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