To Be Presented in the 11th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
December 12-16, 2006, Hong Kong SAR, China

Comparing Web Resources for Curriculum Development of Mathematics Education

Maryam Behnoodi
Jun Moriyama
Hyogo University of Teacher Education


The purpose of this paper is to make clear the teachers¡¦ needs and view points toward web resources in the Internet for developing their curriculum in mathematics education. In this purpose we planned to carry out two kinds of survey. The first survey is an investigation of math teachers¡¦ needs and the second one is comparing recommended math web sites. In result of first survey, it is suggested that math teachers (n=20, from 11 countries) sometimes use application software (e.g., Matlab, Mathematica, Statistica, Dr. Math and so on) for their teaching, and web resources for their curriculum development (e.g., Lesson Plans page, Everyday Mathematics Center, NICER and so on). In result of second survey (27 items for comparing), these sites have well structure 50%, worksheet 70%, dynamic and interactive sections 70%. Also, these sites have high rate in communication system like ML or Q&A nearly 70%. However, resources about lesson planning 20%, practical information and activities 20%, pre and post-test for each section 20% are in a low rate. These results might be useful for developing web resources in the field of mathematics education according to teachers¡¦ needs.

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